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Love your parents. We are too busy growing up yet we forget that they are already growing old——多關心一下自己的父母吧,我們總忙著自己成長,卻忘了他們也在變老。

The moment you think about giving up,think of the reason why you held on so long——每當你想放棄的時候,想一想是什么支撐著你一路堅持。

I don't wanna be your 'number one' that implies there are a number two and maybe a number three. I want to be your only one——我不想做你的“第一”,因為那就意味著還有第二,第三……我只想做你的“唯一”。

Total umbrella for someone else if he, you're just not for him in the rain.——如果他總為別人撐傘,你又何苦非為他等在雨中。

Hold my hand,you won't get lost even with eyes closed. ——握住我的手,即使你閉上眼睛也不會迷路。

We never really grow up. We only learn how to act in public. ——我們從未真正長大,我們只是在別人面前學會了假裝。

Each trauma, is another kind of maturity. ——每一種創傷,都是另一種成熟。

Fortune favours the brave——運氣往往眷顧勇敢的人。

You keep on concentrating on the things you wish you had or things you wish you didn’t have and you sort of forget what you do have.-Nick Vujicic——如果你不停的糾結于你所沒有的或者不想要的,你就會忘記你真正擁有的。—尼克?胡哲

Never put your happiness in someone else’s hands.—— 永遠不要把自己的幸福放在別人的手里。

Sometimes you have to give up on someone in order to respect yourself——有時候我們必須放棄一些人,來成全自己的自尊。

There is a time in life that is full of uneasiness.We have no ot

her choice but to face it.—— 生命中總有那么一段時光,充滿不安,可是除了勇敢面對,我們別無選擇。

Being singl means you're strong and patient enough to wait for someone who deserves your worth. ——單身意味著你足夠堅強,有足夠耐心去等待那個值得擁有你的人。

The more you care, the more you have to lose.——越在意,失去的就越多。

One of the best things in life is seeing a smile on a person’s face and knowing that you put it there——生活中最美好的一件事情是,因為你,某個人臉上洋溢著微笑。

No matter how bad your life may seem in the moment, it will always get better——哪怕此刻的生活有多糟糕,也總會有好轉的一天。

Sometimes, it is better to turn around and leave than to insist on and pretend to be well. ——有時候,轉身離開要好過假裝若無其事的堅持。

Patience with family is love, Patience with others is respect, Patience with self is confidence. ——對家里人充滿耐心是愛的表現, 對別人充滿耐心是種尊敬, 對自已充滿耐心是種自信。--錫呂.瑪塔吉

Sometimes, the most painful not lose, but get later not happy. ——有時候,最痛苦的不是失去,而是得到以后不快樂.

For those things i don't talk about,it does not mean i don't know.——有些事不說,不代表不知道。

We both have no idea if we are gonna be together in the end. But one thing's for sure that I'll do everything I can to make it happen——我們都不能確定最終能否在一起,但能確定的是,為了在一起,我會拼盡全力。
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